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Fertile soil, perfect climate and unique geography enabled Anatolia to be an outstanding location for great winemakers. The result is world-class wines made with local and international grapes. Some of the well-known global varieties have originated from these lands.There are also countless local indigenous grapes that offer exciting new adventures for wine lovers, many yet to be discovered. The blends of the local and global varieties create sensational experiences.

Our vibrant wines come from five wine regions of Turkey: Thrace home to Anzacs and Troy form the eastern end of Balkans; Aegean with world heritage sites of Ephesus and Pergamon, Central Anatolia home to Hittite Empire being the first lawmakers for vineyards, Cappadocia with outstanding natural beauty and Southeast Anatolia with Tigris-Euphrates capturing the Mesopotamia. All our wine growers practice organic farming. Our five wine makers all happen to be women with a pioneering spirit. Turkey, dwelling on a such rich history of wine making, is going through its renaissance in producing outstanding quality wines for the international market.



GULOR – THRACE Mr. Adnan Erem, Wine maker: Ms. Gullu Kilicarslan

Gulor is Turkey’s first boutique winery. The estate vineyards are located in Sarkoy -Thrace. Mr. Adnan Erem is crafting sought after wines blending local and international varietals. The estate grown grapes include Malbec, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese and Sauvignon Blanc have adapted to the deep clay soil perfectly.

SATOMET – AEGEAN Mrs. Meltem Atalay, Wine maker: Mrs. Meltem Atalay

Situated on some 300 meters above sea level, Satomet (Chateau Mead) in Urla is named after mead. Here, the calcareous clay terrain is perfectly suited for producing high quality wines. The five hectares estate grows Viognier, Muscat of Hamburg, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Merlot and last but not least the ancestor of the Muscat grapes; the local Muscat of Bornova.

GORDIAS – CENTRAL ANATOLIA Ms. Canan Gerimli, Wine maker: Ms Canan Gerimli

Gordias was named after the king of Gordion who ruled in ancient Phrygia. Ankara, the capital of modern Turkey, has also been a centre for various civilisations with a great viticulture. Today, Gordias aims crafting fine wines with local grapes Bogazkere and Kalecik Karasi.

VINOLUS – CAPPADOCIA Ms. Olus Molu, Wine maker: Mrs. Fulya Akinci Hernandez Gonzalez

Ms. Olus Molu founded Vinolus in Cappadocia following her passion to design wines with personality and originality. Her ambition is to grow the best Kalecik Karasi, a local variety that is perfectly suited to the altitude of 1100 metres. Vinolus also has organically grown Chardonnay, Syrah, Tempranillo, Roussanne, and the delicate local white Narince.

ESKIBAGLAR – SOUTHEAST ANATOLIA Mr. Firat Aral, Wine maker: Mrs. Hilal Aral

Firat and Hilal both were born in Elazig, started growing their world famous grapes Okuzgozu and Bogazkere in 2006. They have one ambition; to create the best wine made with these local grapes.



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