Harvest in Piemonte – visit to Cascina Roera


03 October 2016 Costigliole d”Asti

We are visiting our producer Cascina Roera and by just making it to the end of harvest 2016, we will pick Barbera. We asked a few questions to Claudio Rosso while visiting the vineyard.


S: What is the name of this parcel and the grapes here?

C: We are at our “Sotto Via” parcel. This parcel is just over 1 ha. We have the Barbera grapes here. We are so pleased to see that we have some very health vines here. We are working closely with our viticulturist to select the best vines and use them for new plantings. As you can see here in this trunk, there is a small note with marks, showing that the quality checks have been carried out, and having passed, this vine can be the source of our new vineyards.


S: Does your San Martino wine come from these parcels?

C: Actually the name of our San Martino wine comes from another parcel named San Martino which has the same name as the road it is on. Here our Barbera goes mainly for our 2 labels, La Rovere and the Cardin.


S: I am so pleased to join you in harvest 2016. What grapes are we going to pick?

C: We are also happy to see you join us for a few days harvesting here in Costigliole d’Asti. We have two parcels close to the Cascina. Here the remaining grapes are Barbera. We have finished the whites. Our chardonnay and moscato is now fermenting. We had a great year here. As you can see the bunches are wholly ripe, a great fruit concentration. Therefore it is relatively an easier harvest for us this year, thanks to a long and dry summer.


S: What is your favourite dish to go with your La Rovere 2013? This label has been a great success London. Everyone who bought this wine, ordered another case. Thank you for making such a nice, easy to drink wine with great complexity.

C: I am so pleased to hear that your customers love our La Rovere 2013. Angolotti is the answer to your question. It is a typical pasta dish of our region. You may know it as Ravioli. In fact I will cook this pasta for you for lunch and we will have a small vertical tasting of San Martino 2009, 2010 and 2011.


S: I see quite an international crowd here for the harvest. Who are our friends?
C: I am very lucky to have my friends and family to come and harvest with us. Frank is an Italian from Chicago, Yuka is Osaka and this year we have you from London. It is such a nice friendly atmosphere here.


I would like to thank you for a great time harvesting. I have never felt so welcome in Italy before. Harvesting is absolutely a reconnection with the nature and 100% advised for city dwellers.

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