Sommeliers’ Selection 2018

somms selection

Author: Berkin BIRSEN, aged 32. Helicopter Pilot, Amateur Photographer. Deeply interested in winetastings. Working on Wine Logistics within MSc in Logistics Engineering WSET LEVEL 2 CANDIDATE Sommeliers’ Selection 2018 wine fair featured last weekend in Istanbul. Masterclasses, walking around tasting area and a line up of 180 wines listed according to their bodies were very well organised. Wine fairs sometimes …

How sustainable is Turkish wine industry?


I examined the 2017 wine data for Turkey. Net wine production + import – export = 66 m litres. We were talking about 1 litre of consumption per person. Now it seems, this figure is much lower. If we think that 40 million tourists come to the country, perhaps consumption by the Turkish people will fall to 200 ml per …