Our Artisans


Cascina Roera

This is the story of a young and small producer in Piedmont. Cascina Roera was born in 2002 thanks to two young entrepreneurs: Claudio ROSSO and Piero NEBIOLO (such predestined names!)
They were both already producers of quality wine, but they decided to start together something important, to improve the quality of products. Claudio started to get involved in 1985 already with his family firm but only in 2000 he became a full time wine grower. His father was one of the pioneer in bottling his wines back in the sixties, when most of the producers of the area where selling their wines in bulks. Piero also was born in a wine grower family and, decided to focus on quality, he started to bring together around 5 hectares among the most suitable in the area. He replanted partly to Barbera and added other varieties such as Nebbiolo and Chardonnay.

Sauro Maule

Sauro Maule followed his father Lino Maule with their existing farm “Il Cavallino” which started many years ago on the hills of the Colli Berici. Il Cavillino means small horse in Italian. As the name suggest this was the horsefarm. A few years ago, with the purchase of old family terrains in Selva of Montebello Vicentino, the farm changed its course and started a renovation in the vineyard management systems. Existing pergolas were replaced by guyot system.
Sauro’s ambition is to eliminate use of any kind of chemicals in the vineyard continues. Only if necessary, use copper and sulfur is permitted. At the same time Sauro is experimenting new natural solutions with the goal of eliminating even these basic treatments. Il Cavallino do not use herbicides or pesticides. In the winery same principles are followed as in the vineyard. There is no addition of synthetic substances. The only exception is for sulfur dioxide which is added only in small quantities when necessary. As a result, residues in the final wine that never exceed 35 mg/l.



Vinolus is founded by Miss Olus Molu in Central Anatolia near Cappadocia. The estate grown vineyards are organic certified. Since 2005, the team Vinolus is working meticulously to craft wines better than the year before. The philosophy is simple; respect the mother nature and touch every grape berry with love and affection. The story of Vinolus continues at an altitude of 1150 m.


Founded by the businesswoman and philanthropist Güler Sabancı in 1993, Gulor has been crafting fine wines in Thrace. Gulor’s modern winery and estate vineyards are located inSarkoy, the historical centre of wine production of the region.Gulor has been awarded prestigious awards internationally for fine wines crafted with local and international grape varieties.

Mr.Adnan Erem is the general manager of Gulor since 2014. Adnan worked in Sabanci holding for 30 years leading the beverage segment. He has spent three years as the Product Manager for Turkey’s biggest/oldest winery Doluca. Gulor’s vision to craft premium wines is enhanced. In 2016 Gulor celebrated the 20th vintage.


Kastro Tireli aspires to produce fine wines with unique personality, reflecting its origin and history. It is located in Akhisar’s Pınarcık village in western Anatolia, 200 meters above the sea level and approximately 100 km inland from the coastline, which provides one of the most desirable microclimates for wine. The winery is located in the middle of the vineyard and produces wines using solely the grapes from the estate.

Mr. Yunus Mermerci is the founder of Kastro Tireli.